👏🏼💡9 good things 🎉💡

[ONE] Thanksgiving! What’s not to love; friends, family, food 🙂 🧡♥️🦃

[TWO] Jim Gaffigan’s book, Food, A Love Story

So funny!

[THREE] Sadie’s buns 😉

[FOUR] Jerry’s Artarama- they have free art demonstration classes. Skye and I went for the drawing people demo and wow! We learned so much! Thanks, Jerry’s! Also, you’re smart, we bought a bunch of the tools demonstrated 😉

[FIVE] thanksgiving appetizer; crackers, whipped cream cheese, cranberry sauce (with a few drops hot sauce added to the cranberry sauce)

[SIX] another great natural deodorant (I’ve loved Native, but Schmidt’s is much cheaper!)

[SEVEN] dog therapy 🙂

[EIGHT] pre-black Friday sale at American eagle. Cozy sweater in multi stripes! Modest mom tip- wear a t-shirt underneath and tuck in so that the cropped sweater look does not become embarrassing! (Ignore smudgy mirror – I’m not the best house cleaner 🙂 )

[NINE] our turkey cake for thanksgiving was kinda a hot mess!!! But it was carrot cake (as requested by Dave!) and so it tasted good, and was fun to try new techniques- the feathers were made by colored melting chocolate smeared on waxed paper, which hardens.


Thank you for reading about my 9 good things…I would love to hear what is good in your life right now! ❤️♥️🧡

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