2 adorable things 🌈🐩

Have you seen the show, Making It? Its the cutest reality contest show ever!! They have a bunch of crafty, creative people on there who compete in themed artsy contests. It’s on NBC this coming Monday-Wednesday nights at 10pm. And the hosts, Nick and Amy, are so lovable and funny.

Sadie made her debut as a parade doggie in the Clayton pup parade!! 😂😂 we dressed her up (she was mortified!) and went to the Tree Lighting last night. There was a contest for best costume (with a really great prize)

Sadie did not win 😦 Here is the grand prize winner, Raleigh. (We were a close second, I’m sure! Haha!) as you can see at this point Sadie’s hat was worn as a bandana!

It was so fun, tho!! Sadie just trotted proudly in the parade- we almost got trampled by the marching band, but other than that is was a beautiful night. The small-town party reminded me of a hallmark movie.

Local friends, recognize anyone in that group? 🙂

We will be back next year and you bet we will take home the pup costume prize!!! 🙂 🙂 Raleigh, you are going down!!!

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  1. MOM says:

    🤣. Dad says he doesn’t blame Sadie for being mortified.


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