The first 12 days of Christmas 🎄🎨🍎

On the first day of Christmas (dec 1) skye and I went to that drawing demo at Jerry’s artarama …what a great art store (Raleigh) we will definitely be back for another class.

Also enjoyed some couch time with Sadie and Dave (him watching a football game, me probably felting, Sadie snoring)

On the second day of Christmas we went to the library, I took back a bunch of books but snapped some photos first because these were particularly good!

This cake decor book had me at the watermelon!!! It looks real! It’s a cake!

I really liked this book, How to Make it by Erin Abbott. So neat to hear about different art forms, the artists, what they do in a day, and just the creative process.

The third day of Christmas I cleaned for art class and finished putting up some Christmas decor.

Found a fabulous cookbook at the library about Pooles Diner (in Raleigh) by Ashley Christensen. I made the chilled corn soup and it is amazing!!! Mine didn’t whip up quite as light as theirs, but it’s delicious.

Then art class, which you’ve already heard about 🙂

And gathering some trees from around the house getting it ready for our ladies Christmas party at church….(just setting it upstairs on the ping pong table for now 🙂 )

On the fourth day of Christmas I’d decided we’ve all been eating too much sugar! So avocado toast and Brussels sprouts tasted real good!

This was also the day we decided on Sadie’s costume for the parade

The aftermath !! 😉

The fifth day of Christmas was the parade in downtown Clayton…

The sixth day of Christmas we had some new friends over for dinner. That was fun and reminded me how we love to have people over and need to do it more often.

The seventh day of Christmas was a shopping day with a sweet friend. We went to Three Little Birds and Rabbit Trails Vintage, and goodwill. I found that sweet pink poinsettia candle at goodwill! It looks so cute lit up at night!

The 8th day of Christmas was a wonderful morning at church, then our ladies Christmas party in the evening. But the pictures are showcasing Skye’s bullet journal for 2020. She’s been working on that for the last few days. She gets a lot of the ideas and inspiration from Pinterest.

The 9th day of Christmas was a date out for lunch with my hubby…trying to finalize our Christmas present plans…plus later on I was experimenting with felting ornaments.

The tenth day of Christmas was a lot of errands, and stopping by to pick up these beautiful cookies made by my friend Moriah of Miah’s Cakes and Cookies. She also gives classes so you can probably know what class I want to take real soon!

The 11th day of Christmas; no pictures again but more errands, coffee with a friend, ordered Christmas presents (more on that in a minute!) and church.

Dave and I found out you can order individual books of the Bible! It’s a journaling format so we ordered Romans (one for each member of our family) so we can study it together, and every other page is a blank lined page for journaling and notes!! I’m so excited about this family gift! Romans was under $5 each.

We’re thinking we’ll do a chapter a week (Romans is deep enough for that!!) and discuss it once a week- talk about what we’re learning etc. ((sorry no link, I have a very short time limit for internet on my phone, you can google individual ESV journaling Bible.))

On the 12th day of Christmas we went to Dave’s work Christmas party. It was at his boss’s house and a lot of fun! There was a very cute photo booth, great food, and just a beautiful, cozy, festive house and time.

Take a peek at Christmas Party Past:

2015…I loved that scarf! I think we had the pink tree that year but it was in the schoolroom

2016….there’s the pink tree…I’m still wearing that striped sweater weekly! It’s from the Loft and wears and washes better than any other!

2018 …I lost the Joy to the World banner- that was a favorite. That year was rainy and cold, I remember!

Thank you for spending the first 12 days of Christmas with us 🙂 not shown is the dirty dishes and laundry, the occasional argument and mess….there’s all of that going on in the background too- here is just shown the fun and colorful, but the difficult and messy is also a part of everyone’s lives. Thank You, Jesus, for coming to earth and then dying for us when we are the ones who deserve to die! Thank you for this season and this reminder that you came to earth! The whole world (it feels like) celebrates this “holiday” ….I want to make sure to celebrate CHRISTmas! 🌲😍♥️:)

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