3 meals I still think about

We went to Kitchen Sync with our friends, Andrew and Charlotte, when we took Wes to school at the beginning of September. It’s in Greenville, SC, so if you’re ever there- go and get the southern tomato pie. It’s so delicious with its buttery crust, savory tomatoes, and creamy cheese sauce. And the kale salad it comes with is amazing.

Think I mentioned this in one of my many Asheville Posts, but the whipped ricotta with olive oil and basil and toasted sour dough bread is what I dream about. From White Labs (Asheville)

The first time we ever went to the MSFH I got a baked Brie from Bella’s and loved it. It comes with a spiced pear chutney to dip the Brie. Mmmm more bread and cheese 🙂

See why I love intermittent fasting? I don’t have to give up bread or dairy!


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