🌈Artsy Raleigh :: pretty murals🌺

Skye and I had the absolute best day this week walking around Raleigh, taking pictures, renting a scooter, and enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather. This first wall – the NC Art Museum

Zoom in on this one behind me 🙂 It’s at the Church on Morgan

We have been wanting to rent one of the scooters you see parked around the city. It was very fun, we shared it,taking turns zooming around, trying not to crash 😉

Our destination: Marbles Children’s Museum. Not to go inside, but to take photos outside with the rainbow wall.

Aaahhh! Best day ever!

Such pretty colors.

We also visited the Cameron Village library and had a pomegranate seed incident at Fresh Market. All in all a great day. I’m soaking in every single second with Skye. She’s probably going off to school in the fall…which is bitter sweet. But I keep telling her, even though you’ll be in school a good portion of the day, there’s always after school and weekends! 🙂 🙂

I had visited the rainbow wall a few days earlier with Lauren. It’s now a must-go-to when in Raleigh

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