Our fun art class at Art Space//Raleigh

Skye and I signed up for an art class back in December.

We had to send in profile photos. They printed them out and we cut them out as the first step.

Here’s skye

I had several pictures, me or George Washington?

We used brayers and gel mats -it was super fun to lay down a stencil, roll on some paint and see the patterns come through

Ours turned out….ok….ish….but you can see here what our teacher had going on:

See the bottom part of that painting?

She’s amazing!!

Here’s another amazing artist!

She’s the greenway artist! She paints specific spots along the greenway that goes for miles in our area. LOVED seeing her work (greenwayartist on Instagram)

Art Space is a beautiful building with about 35 artists who each have their own or shared studio to create in and sell art.

It’s so inspiring! And these last few are of a wood cut artist who cuts the wood first then paints. I heard she is giving a class on her technique and I want to go!!!! (Birthday gift idea, family!!! 🙂 )

We really enjoyed the class. It was fun to try a new technique and get to know these creative people. 🌈

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