the best and worst rides at universal studios and islands of adventure 🎢🎡

Our family favorite was the newest ride, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures. It was fast and a bit scary but very magical- and you see a unicorn! We also stalled on there and sat for about 5 minutes on the track, so that was memorable too!

I used to love any and all roller coasters – until I got married! Then I changed to not liking heights, but speed is ok. That’s why I think I loved Hagrid’s….but the deep drops on roller coasters are too scary for me now!!😂😂

The boys (all 3) adored the Hulk! Skye and I did not go on it….but they enjoyed it many times

The Rip Ride Rocket was another favorite that skye and I enjoyed from the ground! This one you can choose the music you listen to while riding.

The worst ride is the mummy!!! Aaahhh!!! I almost cried!! It’s in the dark and there are dips and drops on a roller coaster. Skye and I basically kissed the ground when we got off !! 😭

Another awful ride (for me) was the Simpson’s ride- uuuggg!!! It was jerky and made me nauseas (I sound like an old lady!) but the kids liked it.

My second favorite was Jimmy Fallon’s ride through New York City. It’s so cute and funny!

We so thoroughly enjoyed universal and islands of adventure. We had tickets for both parks- I can’t decide which park is better! We had to do both since both have Harry Potter stuff. Both are magical.

My favorite things at Universal: jimmy fallon ride, Today Show Café, the light and water show at night (with fireworks), another ride I forgot to mention–Harry Potter and escape from gringotts – that was very fun.

My favorites at Islands of Adventure: Seuss Landing!! That will get its own post altogether! Hogsmeade was so cute!! Which was the Harry Potter village that looked like you were in a European village in winter! The only thing we didn’t get to that we wished we did was Jurassic Park.

We enjoyed every minute..this was our first time at a major theme park. Up until this time our favorites have been Tweetsie Railroad! And Hershey Park. So this was at a different level all together 🙂 The attention to detail, creativity, friendliness of staff, and cleanliness of the parks was truly appreciated…

But I have to say….**stop reading if you are a Disney/theme park super fan***…..

While it was very fun and a great vacation for the books that we will always remember and look apon fondly…..I think we are not the type of theme park fans who would go back year after year. We have had just as much fun camping at hanging rock and driving to Canada and exploring Seattle. Not to diminish the experience but….I think when you haven’t gone to Disney with your kids by the time they are teenagers you think perhaps you have damaged them or neglected them (haha) –although this is where the Disney fans will say that we didn’t experience Disney, just the quirky cousin of Disney, so you’re right….but it did show me that a family vacation is a family vacation –meaning that wherever you go there is going to be magical times and great food and cranky times and bad food….but it all adds up to be great memories!! 🙂 🙂

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