❤️♥️Family ♥️❤️

When we went to Florida, it was to see my parents who were visiting my aunts and uncles (4 of them live in Sebring at a retirement village called Maranatha Village) We had a small window of opportunity between when my parents flew in, to when we needed to be back for Wes to get to school. So we decided to go to Orlando and do some fun stuff, then go see them when they arrived.

These pictures are backwards in the timeline…but all in all- a sweet and special time to be with Mom, (and Dad) and all her siblings and their spouses!!! It was soooo great to see everyone!!!! We are blessed beyond measure with such a godly heritage. Before meals we would all join hands to pray – and one time Uncle Dwight started singing Amazing Grace and we all joined in- it was very moving.

Thankful for our magical trip. Thankful for family 🙂 ❤️

Thank You, God, for putting us in family units on this earth. It’s so much better together. Please encourage the ones who may not have a sweet extended family and encourage them with the hope that it can start with them. And also that friends and church family can be your family.

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  1. Okay, the popsicles in the first pic are making me laugh. Wes has totally eaten his (if he had one; he’s not holding a stick!); Wil’s is almost gone, and Skye has barely touched hers. And they match everyone’s outfit!! 🙂

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    1. saramincy says:

      Haha!!! Yes, I’m sure Wes had one!!


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