4 good things 📚🛍🏺

This bag from target (it stayed at the store but isn’t it cute?)

This book by Jeannie Gaffigan. She’s as funny as her husband…but just FYI – it’s about her experience with a brain tumor, so not the easiest read.

Our latest thrift store run…the red mason jar, the rope textured vase on right.

The macramé vase on left is from The Three Little Birds.

Speaking of a comedian’s wife!! Jessica Seinfeld cook books. And Jessicaseinfeld.com

I found my third cookbook of hers at the thrift store. I’ve found all 3 of these! They are so fun to use, the recipes are yummy and easy to follow. Lots of healthy options and inspiration and then just regular good food.

I’m making her sweet potato chips tomorrow and I can’t wait…if you go on her website you can get tons of recipes and also she shares a huge list of her favorite places to eat in NYC…..I want to go to NYC just to eat at fun places and take pictures of my food 😉 😆

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