❤️♥️💗my current loves and obsessions (many!)❤️♥️💗

The love of felting does not stop!! Combine felting with cacti and it’s true love 🙂 ! 🌵

Started a big project which I’m super excited about!!! Ripping out the carpet upstairs,…getting ready to paint the walls and wallpaper the hallway- EEK!!!! Can’t wait! Future art and music studio

Skye decorated cookies with her friends – royal icing cookies are just a tiny bit down on my love list after felting, cactus, and wallpaper!

Then there are old photos of my kids that MELT my heart! (Making funny faces)

Pretending to be mannequins at Carolina Pottery…😆 🙂 (green plus white plus black equals pretty) (plus mustard yellow!)

Birthday outings for my 14 year old baby!!!!! 😭😭

Spoiled girl!

Art class ADORABLENESS!!!!

New business cards!!! Can I say EEEK just one more time?!?

Blurry rainbow stairs

Helping my honey decorate his office

Cactus! More cactus! This time edible…

Library displays – thumbs up Cameron Village Library!!!

Boulted Bread in Raleigh —-YUM

Promotions at work!

Roller rinks


Selfies from my college man 🙂

Aaaaagh!!!! So much to love!!!!

Thank You, God, for the crazy, messed up, sick yet beautiful world!!!! Your mercies are new every day!

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  1. Eeeeek! I love your blog pictures and projects!! Keep it up, Sara, you are so cute and talented!

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    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you, Aunt Cilla!!!! You are so encouraging!! Love you ❤️💕


  2. Sue Hoijer says:

    Hi Sara! Does the felting start out like embroidery, but just with wool roving on felt? Are there specific products you use for the felt and yarn?

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    1. saramincy says:

      Hi Sue!!! So good to hear from you! It’s so much easier than embroidery. You are just taking bits of roving and poking it through the felt with a very sharp felting needle. That’s why it feels like painting to me much more that needlework because I’m not following any pattern. I think felting this way is probably more enjoyable for me because I don’t like to follow patterns and count stitches. I get my wool roving from amazon and Michaels and the felt sheets just anywhere (Walmart) I’ll do a post about it and put in links on what i buy. The way I started was I found a felting kit at April Cornell….that’s a great way to start…I think u can find it on aprilcornell.com, that way they send u everything you need, you need special needles and also a foam block


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