I feel somewhat like Amelia Bedelia, I mess up and I snap at the kids and I don’t clean the house exactly as I should….but when you are just about to get really frustrated with me, I will make a treat 😉 treats are always not far away here at our house.
Getting used to the new normal of watching church at home. In pajamas, with the dog 🙂 we told Sadie that it was good that she finally attended church with us 😉
Welcome to our house! It’s been so pretty outside – beautiful spring weather. Gorgeous trees, and lots of pollen!
Plants inside and outside of the house…if we go to Trader Joe’s we buy greenery to enjoy
We absolutely love the movie Knives Out! We watch it on clearplay, so I don’t know how much questionable content there is, but the house!! Look at that wallpaper! So inspiring.
Books I’m currently reading. Notice a theme?
Another theme: flowers on flowers and more flowers. I just want to live in beauty, create it, and appreciate it. I’m Beauty Greedy!! Thank You, God, for spring! There is beauty all around….
This from a walk at the park…which by the way, is a great place to go to feel completely normal- there were tons of people at the park even among a pandemic.
Art class memories: Paul Klee, mosaics, and lots of color!!
Intermittent fasting still going well! The photo on the right came up in my email box, a memory from Shutterfly….they said, “remember this from 8 years ago?!” So I had to take a comparison photo to show you, intermittent fasting is working on my face 😉 !! To be fair, I think at that time in my life I started going to the gym and that helped too….but I don’t go to the gym right now. I’m just trying to renovate the upstairs at our house, that’s enough!
This little guy was on our back door, peeking into the house. I thought he was so cute with his little suction cup fingers!
The weather has been so up and down! A few weeks ago we took pictures in our coats. Today we are wearing shorts. tomorrow, who knows? We may be quarantined in our houses!!
I keep going back to the Psalms…in these days of sickness and fear with the corona virus…I find so much strength, hope, and help from my Savior and God. He is our Refuge!

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  1. MOM says:

    I’m so glad we can stay connected in so many ways. We love all the pictures.❤️ Love you too, all of you!❤️


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