on hugging dogs, stir fry, a movie, and psalm 18

I mentioned on my last post about hugging a dog…so here are related photos. Our little dog brings so much joy, and I thank God everyday for creating such little bundles of tail wagging happiness!

This stir fry! I found the idea at Trader Joe’s, except with asparagus, onion, and mushroom. They have it packaged up together with the instructions to stir fry in olive oil. I couldn’t find good asparagus, so I used green beans: yum! All the flavor comes from the onion and mushroom.

Psalm 18!

Encouragement for today!

This movie!

We read the book and watched the movie 6 years ago….we watched it again the other night and had forgotten how good it is!

How are you doing? Any movies, food, or scripture to share? Have a wonderful Saturday- it’s a beautiful day for a walk!

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