Easter Sunday

The table all set!

We watched our life group lesson at 9:00

Then I put the ham in the oven and got water ready for the potatoes to boil later

Time for church!! Amazing music…worshipful time, inspiring message from the Word. So encouraging!

Everyone got treats, including Sadie

Time to eat! You can see Wes has quarantine hair 😉

Time for dessert!

The kids’ nest baskets were filled with candy and scripture eggs …also everyone got an egg telling them just what an eggsellent person they are 🙂

Finally, to wrap up the festivities we watched a slideshow of Easter past.

When we were initially starting the quarantine time I was devastated that we wouldn’t be able to have anyone over for Easter dinner, but this Easter (Resurrection Sunday) turned out to be beautiful, worshipful, sweet, precious, and very memorable!

These words that we sang say it all:

Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me by


I hope and pray you had a good Easter. I know there are a lot of really hard situations out there right now. If you would like me to pray for you I would love to hear from you in an email (saramincy @ gmail. com)

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