church online and Sunday sweet treats

Dave teaching through Matthew 8-9 for life group lesson. such a great lesson about Jesus and His compassion and authority

Pastor teaching on Job for Wednesday night meeting. I love God’s reminders at the end of the book! Look to God and His power and creation!

I’ve been having so much fun making treats for Sundays. We bake on Saturday (or in the case of a cake, start on Friday, decorate on Saturday). Especially now with our new routine of watching church online (dave goes to church to do the music, taking some of the kids with), it’s kind of a sweet routine; watch church online, eat lunch, eat our treat.

Skye sang last Sunday, so she went with Dave

Wes playing guitar

Wil, cello

We’ve all gotten to go to church with Dave at some point. I went one Sunday since we were under the 10 person number,

Pretty weird to see an almost empty church!! But the online services have been such a blessing, and so thankful for the sound and video guys who work on this every week!

Back to the Sunday treat: blueberry pie!! My mom’s crust recipe (a little nutmeg for flavor) It’s a new tradition! This coming Sunday is going to be key lime pie, and there have been requests for banana pudding and Oreo balls (again…)

Sunday’s are sweet either way- at church or at home, we still worship God and look forward to when we can be back together again. 💙♥️

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  1. Priscilla Robinson says:

    You are an inspiration! I would love to come and spend a Sunday with you, however it would be painful to see all of your wonderful desserts that I can’t eat!! I’ve made a few gluten free desserts lately though and have enjoyed eating them (with the rest of the family)! Your Sunday treats are soooo beautiful, though – thanks for the pictures, they love yummy!

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    1. saramincy says:

      Aunt Cilla!!! I would make you gluten free desserts if you came here!!! Dave’s Mom is gluten free, so we’ve had some good stuff….seems like a peanut butter chocolate thing. So good to hear from you…hope you are enjoying your new house! Love you


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