Dewayne’s, Burney’s, and Outdoor Decor 🌿🌺


Skye and I went to Dewayne’s in Smithfield for a field trip on Friday. The plants and flowers were so pretty!

I bought a hanging flower basket…which led to cleaning and redecorating the porch. Here’s the before photo of the porch in all its glory ….

I did move some furniture to take this photo…it was so dusty and cobwebby !! I would love to screen in this porch so that would help somewhat with the cobwebs.

After!! Yay! Much cleaner!

It’s quite a big porch…I’d like to find a table and chairs to go on there too.

Our glazed and filled croissants from Burney’s -yum!!

The weather has been so pretty!! I’ve also worked in the back yard…

Adding a path and some mulch, moved the picnic table…but something was missing…


Now my yard looks like candy land…which makes me happy – haha !!

Trying to stay close to nature!!

What have you been up to? Hope and pray all is well. I know this is a hard time for so many. Love and prayers to you. ❤️♥️💗

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  1. MOM says:

    Love the porch! Love the colourful walkway.🥰. I wish I could sit for a while on the front porch and have a picnic in the back.❤️

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