🍓strawberry jam🍓

We went to pick strawberries, but they didn’t have the u-pick open to the public. So we did this instead:

And bought some baskets already picked. I felt we were missing some of the experience, but Skye was more than happy to just buy and bring them home.

The strawberries have been so good this year!

We use the easy freezer jam recipe in the certo box. This recipe may seem generic, but is more special because my mom also uses the recipe from the certo box 🙂

Freezer jam is so easy! There’s no boiling or anything confusing. I use my food processor to chop up the strawberries. I love having jam in the fridge and the freezer to give away when we need a quick gift.

Last year I made one batch (maybe 12 jars or so?) I tripled it this year because my family eats it so fast that we didn’t have extras around to give.

On that same recipe card from certo there are recipes for mint jelly (I’m growing mint in my mini herb garden!) and pepper jelly that I want to try.

Would love to hear if you have tried making jam!

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  1. MOM says:

    Don’t know if we can pick strawberries this year either. Anyway I still have some strawberries in the freezer.😆I know your family loves strawberry jam. So glad you made some. Want some rhubarb? Ours is nice this year.😁

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