My New Art Studio!!

I am just giddy with excitement over my studio!! Everything is done; windows fixed, ceiling fixed, everything painted white, flooring done, rugs found. There’s just some more organization that needs to be done.

It’s so light and airy! There’s room for all my stuff!! The four months that we were working on the room, I had my art supplies stashed all over the house…it was a lot!! Canvases, paint, felting supplies, art class stuff, etc, etc, I’m just so thankful for a space to put it all!

The little white shelves will be nice to display or even just hold canvases as the paint dries. I wanting to add more shelves as I can.
What I love about this room is that it can completely change looks, I can move the rugs, switch out art…it can be more of a work space, or display place. I can have art class activities up here, or even an art show!
Before and after
Before and after; the other side of the room…still organizing that storage cubby On the right
Before and after the left side of the room …skye didn’t want that chest of drawers in her room anymore, so I get to use it…it’s so handy to plan out art classes and store the supplies in drawers.
From the hall looking in. I’m almost done with the mural In the hallway…will document that process later!
Cozy little spot to sit and look out the window at the trees

So thankful for this space!! Can’t wait to paint, felt, create, share art, move things around, just BE up here!!

Poor Dave, see the piano? That is his portion of the room!! 😉 I told him we could add shelving and have a special music section of the room. He does like it up here, though. He’s been playing the piano more now that the piano is easily accessible.
Trying to fit everything into the cubbies, bins, drawers, and the baskets under the table. This may be the cleanest this room will be….we’ll see how it works out!

Stay tuned for many more adventures and colorful photos from this room!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. MOM says:

    Very nice! It’s so nice to to FINISH a project. Good job!💕

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  2. I love your new space! It looks like a perfect place to CREATE!

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  3. Wow! Such a change! I know you must be both relieved and beyond thrilled. I’m so excited for you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Yes, Monica!!!! But you should see it, already messed up!! 🤣🤣🤣


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