Summer Outfits 👖🩳🌺

You know I like to do occasional outfit posts…why would I do that in the day of professional fashion bloggers? Because there’s nothing better that I like to see than regular people showing regular clothes that they wear. I will love to see this in 20 years…what I wore. I would love to see what my mom wore 20 years ago. I think it’s fun to show how you can get clothing super affordably!

Skye and I went to Plato’s Closet the other day to find some deals! Plato’s Closet is a consignment store for juniors and teens that I feel slightly too old for, but always find stuff!

This little dress is adorable! I was so excited to find it. It’s kindergarten chic at the finest. A little babydoll dress worn with pants (which isn’t a trend, but a favorite of mine) when skye tries on a dress that is too short I always tell her to put on a pair of pants under it! And she rolls her eyes 😉 the brand is umgee and I got it for $6

I could wear a little flowered dress everyday! The brand is entro, and it’s more like a tunic here, I was able to find the leggings at Plato’s Closet too, and I think this is my shorts alternative! Cute and comfy. (This mirror is always dirty somehow)

The overall shorts I found at the Gap outlets. I am so happy about these! I’ve had a good pair of overalls at each stage of life. The little flowered t-shirt is from H&M, but bought at Plato’s Closet for $5.

The overalls are just fun to wear. Does my family like the overalls – Dave thinks they’re cute, skye says they are too big and man-like. Wil thinks they are fine. Wes said, “no, Mom” So there is that…

I was on the lookout for one of these cute flowy poncho-like things. I tried some on at target, but found this at Ross for $12! I love it so much…it’s my summer cardigan alternative! I wore it to church a few weeks ago with a black shirt and pants, so it can be dressy or casual.

Well that was fun (for me 😉 ) to share some of what I’ll be wearing this summer. Here’s a recap:



Tunic-like dresses

Great deals and cheap finds, so Sara doesn’t have to be worried about spilling paint!

I’ve shared some summer and winter outfits Here

Would love to hear where you’ve been shopping! It’s been hard to find places to shop recently and even harder to find open dressing rooms! The Gap has open dressing rooms as well as Plato’s Closet. I went into the Loft the other day and there were LOTS of cute shirts, shorts, and skirts…really good deals too, but the dressing room was closed and I have a hard time buying without trying on.

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