3 kids and fall plans

This kid! Walking on my walls! Either that or learning how to use photoshop. Either way, Wes is always busy and up to something. He’ll be a sophomore at college in the fall…not sure how I’m old enough for that!! But he loves college and looking forward to going back.

Then there’s this one who saved up to buy another car, so he can sell previous car, and hopefully then just have one car! 🤣Wil is getting ready to start his senior year of high school which is very surreal. I’m bracing myself for it because I remember Wes’ senior year was a blur.

Then there’s Skye, my sidekick and shopping buddy, my partner in crime, and mini me. She’s going off to high school in the fall! It’s going to be quiet around here! It will be the first year ever we haven’t homeschooled someone in 14 years!!!

What is such an encouragement and blessing to me, is that I always thought when this day came I would be so sad…but I’m really excited for them and their next steps. God works things out and has a good plan for everyone. Our education plan had many twists and turns, but ultimately whether you see your kid off to school at 5 or 14, it’s a good thing and it is neat to see how things have unfolded.

I’m thankful that God has given me a sense of excitement and anticipation to keep going on in the art field, teach classes, but also still support Dave and the kids however I can.

I have so many good examples around to show how you can pour into your family even as they grow and move out. I want to be that support and even now I can see how it can unfold. A lot of times I am in my same spot in the living room. I can do felting, computer work, study the Bible, make phone calls. Lots of stuff can be done in my little spot on the couch in my living room …the kids know they can find me, and it’s a good feeling to be around when they need me.

God is good and His plan is right. His plan for the nuclear family cannot he rivaled….now I just need to keep that in mind if school gets cancelled in the fall and everyone is still home!!! 😉

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  1. I love your transparency and your great attitude. Rich and I read a devotional this morning by Max Lucado. It was commenting on the verses in Matthew 14:25-26 “Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. . . And they cried ou in fear.”
    They were frightened and cried out in fear but when Jesus came to their rescue, they evidently weren’t expecting Him to walk across the water to come to their aid. This sentence really hit me -“And since Jesus came in a way they didn’t expect, they almost missed seeing the answer to their prayers.
    And unless we look and listen closely, we risk making the same mistake. God’s lights in our dark nights are as numerous as the stars, if only we’ll look for them.”
    -In The Eye of the Storm

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  2. Somehow, your comment about the twists and turns of your homeschooling made me think of that devotional. God uses everything in our lives to bring about His will for our lives. I love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures! Love you!!❤️

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    1. saramincy says:

      I love this, Aunt Cilla!!! Its so true when we look back on things how we can see how amazing God’s plan is! He KNOWS what we need and when we need it. Thanks for sharing that! Love you too! ❤💗💕


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