our trip to Charlotte | the food!! 🍭🥗🍦

Dave and I took a little trip to Charlotte for my birthday. We had so much fun just being alone together!!!

We ate at the Outback (of course), the Outback was one of our first dates 22 years ago, and always there for us when we need cheese fries. That was a comfort meal we enjoyed together, but I wanted to share the new and special places we found in Charlotte. There were 5 stand out spots that I’ll share:

No. 5 ) Ninety’s Icecream. This place has creative shakes and ice cream treats. Dave got the bottom of the cereal bowl shake …it was adorable. They have ice cream sandwiches made with brownies and doughnuts, macarons, and other fun stuff, and add in some lucky charms or other cute toppings. I was boring and got rainbow sherbet in a shake, which turns a moss green. The only reason I did not go all out was because this was our last stop of the trip and I had pretty much over eaten at this point!! 😉

No. 4) Popbar. Popbar was so fun! You pick your popsicle and then they dip it in a sauce of your choice, then toppings. Dave had chocolate with mint, pistachios, and pretzels. I had a kiwi sorbet bar with chocolate and sprinkles. It was delicious.

No. 3) Haberdish. Super yummy upscale southern food! We had hush puppies with sweet tea butter, in house pickles, fried chicken, and the absolute best was the kale salad with goat cheese and oranges. This was a fun place right in the heart of Charlotte’s NoDa area (across the street from popbar)

No. 2) Amélie’s. Sweet little French bakery (you have to wear a mask in NC when out and about). Oh my word! This place was outstanding! Dave had a breakfast sandwich that was amazing…they are known for their salted caramel brownies, but the cotton candy macaron was perfection! We took some home to the kids.

No. 1) Green Brothers Juice Co. best smoothie bowl ever!!! I dream about this smoothie bowl. I got The Hulk; mango, banana, spinach smoothie with pineapple, strawberries, granola, honey, coconut, and almond butter toppings.

We had so much fun in Charlotte, just enjoying each other and having a break from our regular lives. Such good memories, sweet times, and good food 🙂

Also worth a mention: the chicken sandwich from Popeyes…not as good as chick fil A …but pretty good!
The hot dogs at IKEA!!! We were so hungry after shopping for hours that the hotdogs tasted amazing 😉 🤣

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