Updates: reading, watching, puzzling, celebrating, wearing📚🇺🇸🎇


Praying for your Adult Children by Stormie O’Martian….this book is sooo helpful and has really supercharged Dave and I and reminded us of the importance of praying for our children, and what to pray. I know I can feel the prayers of my dear parents and Dave’s parents. What a gift to give your children…that loving time taken to pray for them and focus on different needs and aspects of their lives. God loves when we take the time to do this …there are SOO MANY distractions around us right now- it is even more important to set aside the time to do this.

Hunger games prequel- I can’t even remember the name…of Songbirds and what? (Don’t have internet on my phone right now, so go ahead and help me out and google it for yourself!) it was very good!


the making of frozen 2-

we signed up for Disney + just for July, and this docuseries is on there- WOW!!!! Such a fascinating look at how an animated film gets made! So many people working on so many aspects for 4 years!!! Skye and I watched frozen 2 again after and had a greater appreciation for sure!! I feel like it should be required watching for kids when they get old enough to understand…even as young as 6 or 8, we all take those “cartoons” for granted, but the creative work!!! It was honestly so moving to see the orchestra come in and do their work, then the singers/actors….it’s truly a work of art, not to mention the artists and how long it takes them to work on even a tiny aspect of the film. I loved seeing the Disney offices and building too…what a fun place to work.

State Plate-

(on amazon prime) I love a good food show…I love learning about geography…and I love travel…this is so fun! Taylor Hicks goes around the states and tries the most iconic food from each place…I’m so inspired to make so many new dishes!!! Here’s a page from my notes I’m keeping on my phone to try and make:


Ham with maple syrup

Apple pie with cheddar

Alabama meal–

Fried green tomatoes

Seafood dip

Fried okra

White sauce

Lane cake

New York—

Waldorf salad




Ham balls

Fried tenderloin sandwich

Corn and soy succotash


Salad – grilled pear, Bibb lettuce, blue cheese, hazelnuts

Dunginous crab

Truffle Mac

Hazelnut broccoli

Marion berry pie

South Dakota—


Asparagus -oil, onion, parm, roast

Fry bread dipped in fruit pudding (wajapi)



Beaten biscuits

Smith island cake


Salmon grilled with cedar plank – season salt and lemon pepper

Stewed apples

Raspberry tart




Spoon bread

Hot brown


Easy crosswords!

Skye and I have been tearing through this book! My Dad loves a good crossword, and I’m inspired by him, but skye and I both very encouraged by the easy part of this book and how smart it makes us feel to complete one in 15 min 😉 🤣


We celebrated July 4th with cake and fireworks. Dave and I went to the Yellow House on Main Street Clayton for our anniversary. The food was amazing! Wes took me to juice vibes for my birthday! ❤️


Hats and overalls for days…nothing has changed since elementary school 🙂 🤣

Would love to hear what you are up to these days! ♥️❤️♥️❤️

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