8 things I’m loving right now ♥️❤️

1) our newish living room rug as a backdrop to our lives (I got it from wayfair.com) showed photos of it a few posts back with the IKEA chairs…

2) roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts …I also learned that after roasting them you can top with shredded cheese and melt and drizzle on some honey to be DELICIOUS!

3) Sadie sitting at the table, Sadie in a kayak, Sadie sitting on a pillow

4) crosswords- we are still going strong with the crossword puzzles…but we got so desperate for a good crossword one evening that we made some of our own 😉 crosswords are a lot harder to make !!

5) kayaking!! A few weeks ago we stayed at an Airbnb on a lake and enjoyed their kayaks.

6) seeing my art in a store!! And just still love needle felting in general! It’s been since September and the love is still strong 🙂

Oh! Here’s the Airbnb we stayed in! No, no, not the huge house on the left or right…the tiny one in the middle 😉 super fun and relaxing.

7) our tween girl art camp! Soooooo fun! We all absolutely adored the projects…shown: the potato print towels. I’ll do a full post on this camp soon

8) I Timothy 5….I love any passage that speaks specifically to women….this one I haven’t really studied before…but I figure if it is written to widows, that would pertain to me too just because I am a woman, and it seems to talk about how the woman conducted herself before as well as after becoming a widow. Anyway, all that to say/ her hope is in God!!! My hope should be in God! He’s our blessed and encouraging hope!!

Would love to hear what you are loving right now! A book? Show? Food? Trip?

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  1. Misty S Rodriguez says:

    I am really loving learning more about you and your family through your posts! What a joy to see your love for God, for your family and all the joys you find in the life God has given you to live for His glory. ~Misty Rodriguez

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    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you for the sweetest comment, Misty!!!! I thought the same about you when I looked at your facebook wall 🙂 🙂


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