my 4 point plan to be healthy (pretty food and intermittent fasting) 🤜🏼🥗🍎

You know it’s been over a year (13 months) that I’ve been intermittent fasting. Can’t believe I’ve been able to stick to something for so long. It’s a record for sure. Let’s think back: whole 30 for 21 days (I felt amazing! I was cooking all day!), vegetarian for a week (loved it! Fun! I ate too much bread and cake 😉 ), the 17 day diet for about 3 days (I was starving! Dave loves that one…I still use the recipes)

Anyway, all that to say it’s pretty much a miracle that I’ve stuck with this since July 2019. I’ve only lost about 6 pounds. BUT! those are six pounds that I could not budge since I turned 40 (I’m 45 now) AND—I feel amazing in my body and my brain (when I told this to a mean friend they laughed and laughed at me!!! 🤣🤣) but it’s true, it gives me a way to practice self control and it makes my head clear and gives a ton of energy.

How it works on the daily: it’s different a lot of the time according to our schedule but on average it works out for me not to eat right away when I get up, wait til 9:30 or 10, then have the eating window I open from between 4-6 or even 8 hours. Then stop eating and wait again until the next day which gives a 16-20 hour fast.

Let me know if you have questions…I know that doesn’t give all the details, but you’re basically giving your body time to digest the food and regulate your insulin. And for someone like me who loves to eat and prepare food, it helps me to stop when I wouldn’t stop otherwise.

A lot of the time I don’t eat supper while the fam is eating. I always cook it and I always sit with them and drink my ice water and enjoy the time. And I usually have the leftovers the next day. The family is used to it, and since they see me eating a lot during the day and occasional suppers, I’m not worried that they are getting the wrong idea about food. Wes even did a speech about intermittent fasting in school, so I know he sees it as a viable approach.

Enough about that!! Here is my plan to be healthy…I need to kickstart myself back into exercise and back to school is a good time to do it.

ONE] pretty food….meaning add in lots of fruits and veggies

The trifecta: smoothies, salads, roasted veggies.

The photo above is not officially in the trifecta but the recipe is from a new to me blog that I ADORE called Bev Cooks She makes the best looking food and just really good and mostly healthy. Look at what I made for lunch today:

Her Cheesy tomato gratin looks 100% better than mine, but for a really yummy lunch, mine was amazing!

TWO] time in the sun for vitamin D….this has hit me from all sides lately, hearing the importance of vitamin D…then my sister in law mentioned it to me, then the readers digest….and it makes a lot of sense…instead of my regular approach to the sun which is put on sunscreen to not get burned, then accidentally getting burned, (which is not healthy!) …if I regularly get 15 min of sun a day without sunscreen, I get the vitamin D. This doesn’t solve the problem of when I am going to be in the sun for a long period of time, I’m still going to try and use the sunscreen and shade, but I like the idea of going on the offensive and sitting in the sun daily for the many benefits and fresh air….which leads me to number three…

THREE] Fresh air and exercise.

These are groundbreaking ideas for health, right?!! Haha….

Just making a point to get outside everyday and also exercise, which I haven’t figured out yet what all that will include….I know walks are going to be in my plan, and working In the woods, maybe a gym membership again?? I don’t know but I’ll keep ya posted!

FOUR] intermittent fasting for a second year for the win!!

So there you have the Fab Four plan for this school year:

•pretty food (smoothies, salads, veg)

•15 min of sun a day (at least)

•Exercise and fresh air

•Intermittent fasting

I’m excited about it!! Would love to hear your plans…what are you doing for exercise? Would love ideas!! Smoothie recipes? Workout plans? Do you feel like it’s a fresh start in August when school starts? Or are your school plans going awry? As of right now it looks like our kids will be able to attend school in person, but that can change on a dime!

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