date nite! //fondue//peek in the windows🌻

Date nights are so important to us, and we hadn’t had one for awhile. Well since we went to Charlotte, I think.

We went to the Melting Pot for the first time and popped into Wegman’s (dave had never been)

Our first course at the melting pot, the cheese fondue! It was so good…we loved the bread selection and the Granny Smith apples with the sharp cheddar

Look at that cheese…look at that smile!

Then comes the little charcuterie board…mmm meats, jam, pickles, crackers…so good!

Then the best part…

The chocolate caramel flambé!!

So many little treats to dip in the chocolate. My favorites were the strawberries and the fudge brownie. It was such a fun experience! We want to take the kids, maybe for Wil’s graduation.

Then we visited Wegman’s (a very large grocery store in Raleigh that some people rave about) the sunflowers were so happy 🙂 🌻

Later in that evening I was outside talking to a friend on the phone, looked into the windows and saw my dear sunflowers and had to take a picture!

One thing led to another and here I was taking pictures of the house at night…;)

This one is my favorite…the moon!

the next day I could see that the sunflowers are thriving here and hope will last many days 🧡:)

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  1. Sara, I love your joy of the simple things in life. It is very contagious and I appreciate your example! I love the cheery sunflowers in your house, the outside pictures of the house (and the moon), & the grateful way that you experience food! I especially appreciate your commitment to your marriage and to spending time together. God is using you to shine the light of His grace and goodness to those who read your blog! Thank you!

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  2. MOM says:


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