3 good things: clothing, beard, inspiration

1) I tried stitch fix for the first time! For the ones who don’t know what it is, you sign up online and tell them what kind of clothes you like to wear, sizes, styles, etc…then they send you a box of clothing!

This is what came in my box! They nailed my style…but I only kept that poppy shirt and black jeans because like Dave would say (and I agree) I have quite a lot of flowered clothing 😉

It was fun to get the box in the mail…fun to try on, I kept the 2 things, paid for them and mailed back the rest.

I think it’s fun to try …especially now when Target’s fitting room is closed!

here’s a prime example of a lot of flowers: I wore this shirt the other day (without the sweater) and Dave didn’t realize it was new (Plato’s Closet) because it’s so similar to my 20 other flowered shirts 🤣!

2) how do I have children with beards? 😂 this cute boy had to shave it when he went back to work, but he enjoyed it for a few weeks.

3) This Focus on the Family episode about college kids, and what they are facing with Dr. Barry Corey, college president.

I was listening while washing dishes and had to keep drying my hands to jot down notes! It was so good…here are the 3 things I jotted down:

—-The reminder from Romans 5 about suffering producing perseverance, which produces character, which in turn produces hope. This is good to remind the kids when stuff happens to them, or things are hard because of circumstances…I liked when he said, “you don’t get a Disney fastpass” going from suffering straight to hope…I LOVE that! We need this reminder! 

—-And it was a good reminder to me that, (Dr. Corey’s quote…) “it’s not why did this happen to me, but why did it happen FOR me”

—–Then he talked about “irratainments” (combo of irritation and entertainment) …speaking to the trend of his students video gaming constantly and binging on netflix…he talked about setting boundaries ahead of time. I love the idea of praying and planning and being proactive instead of just ending up doing what everyone else is doing. 

All in all, I really resonated with what he was saying and teared up with a story he told at the end.

I am getting emotional and tender right now with Wes’ departure coming up on Saturday for his sophomore year at college. I am so excited for him! It is an exciting year for us with Skye going off to highschool, and Wil entering his senior year. Thankful for these kids that we get to guide and encourage. And! Even if everything goes haywire with the current pandemic situation, God is sovereign over that too. 

…..You are working in our waiting
You’re sanctifying us
When beyond our understanding
You’re teaching us to trust 

Your plans are still to prosper
You have not forgotten us
You’re with us in the fire and the flood
You’re faithful forever
Perfect in love
You are sovereign over us
(Michael W Smith) 


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