last weekend 🚙

We went to see Wes at college! It was so fun…last year we only went to help him move in…then we thought we needed to let him get settled and make his way on his own. This year he wanted us to visit and meet his friends. So we went down on Friday night and back Sunday night. A quick trip, but so fun.

On Saturday morning Wes took Dave and I to Biscuit Head where we had THE BEST breakfast!! The sweet potato chai jam on one of their huge and fluffy biscuits was amazing.

Then we took Wes shopping for a few things he needed which was sweet. Being with just one of your kids and getting quality time is special.

We saw his dorm, and ran a bunch of errands.

Then we had a party at Granna and Poppop’s house (Dave’s parents). Wes invited a bunch of his friends, and we got to see aunt Barbie and uncle Jon and Brynn too.

We really enjoyed going to church with Wes on Sunday…such a sweet church, great music and message.

Then time for goodbyes. 😓

So thankful for a great place for Wes to go to school…nice to see him settling in and enjoying things. It was hard to go back at first, especially with all the covid stuff, the masks, etc. make it hard to socialize and enjoy like last year…but he’s getting used to it and making the best.

Wil enjoyed it too since he’s met a lot of kids from summer camp that live in the area.

They’re growing up!!! It’s bittersweet! 😭💗♥️

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