link goodness for your day

Cute idea- fairy garden in your yard! I love this so much

Lazy genius podcast with Meg Duerksen about parenting teenagers. I’ve loved Meg forever from her blog, Whatever, and listening to this episode made me cry a few times.

This podcast episode about creative rhythms (again lazy genius) with Emily Freeman

Pastry recipe from Bev Cooks ….cardamom and green apple puff pastries! Looks amazing! She’s so good at what she does; cooking, baking, writing, photography.

Fall at Magnolia Market so pretty! Fun to watch the video and see how it all comes together

I’ll leave you with the scent of my fall candles burning..I can’t smell them (we had covid 2 months ago and still can’t smell properly!) but I appreciate the glow🍂♥️❤️

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