a month of Sundays

I told Dave a month ago that we had to take pictures every Sunday because I had a blog post in my head entitled, a month of Sundays. He kindly obliged me and we almost forgot yesterday, but got one real quick with Sadie on a rainy Sunday.

Sundays are so so special to us. We love to be at our church. It is a family to us. We love worshipping the Lord with the beautiful music, we love hearing the messages and lessons from the Bible. We enjoy eating together and then this happens:

I sit on the couch for hours! It is wonderful and so restful. Usually we watch football (dave watches football, I draw on the iPad 🤣) I am the tiniest productive and make my grocery list and look at the calendar and plan out the week. But other than that I sit on the couch in my rumpled Sunday clothing for hours. It’s the best.

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