❤️🍂so much! art, closet, studio, Sadie, updates 🍂❤️

Working on new pieces and Christmas ornaments to take to my shops. I’m loving the tiny 3 inch hoops!

It’s been 14 years (read: never) since I’ve organized our closet. I bought the boxes at Walmart for .80 cents/each, and I am happy happy with our new organized space!!

The absolute biggest difference maker was getting all the same hangers! I’d had the same mismatched hangers since college…

I set up the bed in our studio, in anticipation of guests …I absolutely LOVE this studio space upstairs and how it can change and morph into whatever it needs to be.

This face!! She’s my constant sidekick

The last few photos: felt ball garlands at Michaels, sneak peek of Wil’s senior photos😥❤️, me with new earrings, girls from church trip to Charlotte to shop, needlepoint that I didn’t buy, but so cute!

That was a photo dump for sure! Have a great weekend! ❤️♥️🧡❤️♥️🧡

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