Raleigh Sticker!! 🌿🧡🍂

I’m so excited about my new Raleigh sticker! I was running errands in Raleigh and snapped a few pictures. Extra points if you know where I was to take the photos!

Anyone know? I’d never seen that colorful fountain before! It was such a beautiful surprise.

You can see the sticker Here in my Etsy shop !

I have it on the trusty minivan 🙂 I hope to load the other stickers onto Etsy soon; the little chest of drawers (eek!) the floral scene, and more.

The stickers are $3 each plus free shipping. (While supplies last 🤣)

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  1. Love this sticker – it’s so colorful and fun. I have never been to Raleigh before – but I love my Boston Sticker that I have on my laptop! 🙂

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