poodle pajamas, phase A, & sweater weather🐩🧶🎄

Sadie really isn’t crazy about the new flannel pajamas that I found for her at target 🤣

She looks at me reproachfully and then figures out a way to get out of them!

Puppy profile…(I can’t help it!!! She’s my only baby in a house of teenagers who don’t want me to take their picture!😄)

So you can see phase A of Christmas decor is going on. The red tree (eek!!) in the living room, and these little trees in the kitchen. (“Mom, why is that tree in a basket?”)

I still have the big white tree to put up…somewhere?

Around the house

It’s been cold the last few days!! Pulling out the jackets, sweaters, boots.

Who is putting up their tree already?? Who is waiting til after thanksgiving? I’m decorating but not listening to Christmas music yet! 🎄💗

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