updates and Christmas ornaments 2020🎄

How is my baby so big?!

The only pictures we got of thanksgiving!

We were so glad to be able to be with our dear friends, Marilou and Rolando. The food was amazing !! They made an amazing turkey and delicious ham and lots of sides, I made green bean casserole, corn pudding, pumpkin crunch dessert, and pineapple bake (the one with bread chunks…dave grew up with it and it’s amazing)

Trees up in our kitchen. And then the skinny red tree is in the living room.

Ornaments 2020!! Drum roll!!! I found the ice cream ornament for my dear ice cream loving hubby 🙂 ♥️

Kayak for Wes!

Coffee for Wil.

Pomegranate for Skye.

I’m so happy I found stuff that they all love for this year! And here’s mine….I mean, it’ll do, right?!


Michaels really came through for us this year – especially on the 50% off day

Here’s some homemade ornaments…

And last but not least….

A nod to our littlest family member,

There are always a few poodles on the tree♥️

If you think we have rushed Christmas (we have…) here I am walking in the neighborhood oohing and aaahing over the gorgeous colors!

And enjoying the thanksgiving day newspaper with all the sale ads.

So excited to enter into the Christmas season!! It’s all about Jesus and what He did! He came to earth for us! Died for us…lives for us. So thankful for God’s sovereign plan. Resting in Him.

Love and twinkle lights from our house to yours ♥️❤️🧡

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  1. MOM says:

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Tell Wil the coffee will stunt his growth! Ha, ha! When we were kids it was always said if you drank coffee, your face would be brown (my gramma’s face was kind of dark) and wrinkled like Gramma. So far my coffee drinking siblings aren’t…brown and wrinkled!😁


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