best quiche!! 🍳(and cookies…)

This. Is. So good! I was looking through a healthy fitness/food book by Carrie Underwood and found this healthy crustless quiche recipe.

I didn’t use the onion, I used onion powder, and I didn’t use the broccoli, but it was so good! I’m going to try different variations of it, leave out the mushrooms and peppers, put in the broccoli so Dave’ll eat it.

I like her ideas in the book, a lot of normal food with a few substitutions to make it healthier.

Another new thing I tried this week: cream cheese cucumber toast with red pepper flakes. It was good but the cucumbers kept sliding off the cream cheese (first world problem🤪)

Trying to focus on the healthy when I can because there are so many treats I want to make!!

For example, These gingerbread house cookies that we made years ago!!! How cute! I may add royal icing, tho?!

Happy December!! Eat your veggies AND the cookies 😉

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