watching, reading, eating, smelling, etc…

Watching: home alone one and two….I just love the 80s house!

The wallpaper! I’m a child of the 80s who never grew up and I want wallpaper on every wall 😉

Plus, the Funniest commercial!

Reading: I love Elisabeth Elliot so much! This book is amazing. Very convicting and an interesting look at tons of subjects and a peek into her brain

Attending: Our Christmas program at church this past Sunday was so good!! The songs were amazing- so worshipful and focused on our Dear Lord

See the service here

Smelling: cloves plus oranges! So nostalgic!

Baking and Eating: gingerbread house cookies..delicious and fun to make AND smell amazing

Enjoying: greenery clipped from the yard

Also enjoying the kids all being home. We had a little Christmas party with the boys’ coworkers, it was adorable to just listen to them laugh and talk. Even skye enjoyed it as a future Chick Fil A employee (maybe…😅)

Thankful for our 5 senses and the sights and sounds and tastes of Christmas.

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  1. I want to spend the day with youuuu. 🍃🍒🌲


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