Best Food 2020🥝🥗🍡

Let’s start with smoothies and smoothie bowls. The absolute best was Green Brothers Juice Co in Charlotte. That almond, coconut, honey topping was amazing.

A close second was Juice Keys in Raleigh. Suuuuper good berry bowl that kept me full for the whole day! And Lauren got the gingerbread which was good as well.

We made a lot of smoothies at home too and my favorite topping is a cinnamon granola.

Breakfast category!

For awhile there I was eating oatmeal every day…oats, berries, chia seeds, maple syrup, maybe nuts. So delicious.

Best biscuit places – when we visit Dave’s family or Wes at school in Greenville SC…Biscuithead is amazing, but even better, Maple Street Biscuit Co!!!! Please go and get the food network special with goat cheese and pepper jelly

Speaking of pepper jelly…I haven’t found a brand that I love yet, my mom’s pepper jelly is probably the best. I’m going to try and make some…but I just love pepper jelly, on toast, crackers, chips, anything!

We made strawberry jam this year and still have a few jars in the fridge…sooooooo happy with that – next year we need to triple the batches to keep it on hand and have more to give. (We just use the freezer jam recipe in the sure gel pack)

Regular food for regular family suppers


Chicken pot pie

Tomato gratin (Bev

Let me know if you’re interested in the recipes, very basic stuff, but we love Stromboli (dough in bread machine) and making homemade chicken pot pie with homemade crust is revolutionary even tho it’s so simple.

Also to note…I’m so bad at remembering things and basically looked through my photos to find best food, so Im sure there are things I’m forgetting

Falliday feast!! Best things: pumpkin muffins and overall fall feeling and smells BUT!! It wasn’t til after falliday that I found my favorite pumpkin bread recipe that turns out moist and delicious every time-Here’s the recipe -says muffins, but I make as bread (cake, let’s be honest!)

Eating out- can’t remember everything, but 2 standouts were our first time to the melting pot…so fun, and the Parkside in downtown Raleigh. Best salad ever!!!

We also went to Sullivan’s downtown -YUM!!

Sweet treats!!! (We obviously need to cut down on the sugar!!!!!)

That kilwins homemade peppermint ice cream was ahhhhmazing!

Hershey bar cake (google the recipe it’s a winner)

Homemade fondant for the win on the Easter cakes

Cinnabon copy cat rolls are the best, going to make for Christmas Day

Wreath cookies, our fave

Duck donuts are always good

Burney’s in Smithfield mmmmm

Boulted bread in Raleigh is seriously gourmet, top of the line baked goods

WE JUST LEARNED ABOUT THIS RECIPE!!!Chewy molasses cookies!!! So good!!! We are making to give to our neighbors for Christmas!!  I’m having trouble with this link…it should be the knorp and south website and then Chewy Molasses Cookies

Royal icing is almost more art than food project – but they are tasty too.

Also have to mention: the ham we had at Marilou and Rolando’s for thanksgiving was great, my Avocado toast was good, and I’m sure I am forgetting something!!!

Thankful not only for food, but really amazing food, the opportunity to make food and share with family and friends, and also(!!!) intermittent fasting!! Which keeps everything in balance ☺️

Would love to hear your food favorites from 2020

Edited to add:

Cucumbers!!! Almost forgot!!! We grew cucumbers and it was such a joy!!! They grow like crazy / you’ll look one day and pick only one and see NO other cucumbers at all and then BOOM the next day there are 4 !!! It’s miraculous! Will definitely do again– we used pots to plant in

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