Christmas Past #2

We used to make a birthday cake for Jesus❤️

When the kids were tiny we used their little socks for an advent calendar…everyday they would look in a little sock for a treat

The little lime green tree! And this was decorating a table at our ladies’ Christmas party at church

This was our tree forever! We loved that little tree!

Homemade stitched felt gifts

Tree in the homeschool classroom

More felt…Dave’s ornament, Sadie in her Santa suit

Kitchen of Christmas past

Christmas in Canada! Cutting down the tree, dragging it home, Dad snow blowing



Red girl ♥️

And to all a goodnight!

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  1. Beautiful share. We still have a birthday cake, although the kids are grown, with kids of their own that are grown and great grandkids on the way.

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    1. saramincy says:

      I love that!! We need to bring back the cake!!! Can’t believe you have great grandkids on the way! Congrats!

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      1. Thanks. We just found out Sunday. We are so thrilled! Our daughter went home to heaven in August. Then we learn our granddaughter is expecting her first child, due in August. God is so amazing!

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