2 cute things, 3 sweet things, and 3 new designs 💙🐶👕

Cute- This little doll hates the Santa suit…but it was so cute on her for Christmas day 😉

Cute- Found this old drawing by one of the kids of Rudolph – those eyes!!

Sweet- The kids were so cute with their gift giving this year. They spoiled us!! They all three bought dave clothing..that above picture is priceless because Wes bought the Patagonia vest, Skye bought the shirt, and wil bought the shoes…dave tried them on and then got styled by Wes with the rolling of the pants. It was precious!! Love these kids. But for each other too, it was just heart warming to see them buy for each other …you know how it is as a mom when you see your kids fight and wonder if they’ll ever grow up…well I’m seeing lights at the end of the tunnel!

Sweet- God’s love has been so evident to me lately in reading scripture and also just looking around at His creation and blessings.

Another thing that has been sweet lately and I have no pictures to prove it!! Dave and I have been trying to walk a few mornings a week. We walk and pray together and I told Dave it’s my favorite thing in the whole world!! A great way to start the day! We are planning on walking Friday to start the year off on the right foot 😉 …we’ll see how early that will be after staying up to ring in the new year!! Ha!! 😭 and will I be able to make him stay up til midnight, that’s the question!!

And just a few more Red Bubble new designs updates:

That’s it for 2020!! Next time I post it’ll be the new year! Looking ahead to bright days!

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  1. MOM says:

    I’m so glad that the kids are to the liking one another stage! But I do miss those littles! We miss all of you so, so much!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. I have never seen a red tree before, that is so cool. Your home is so pretty, love all the colors. Also being a mom myself I know how happy it makes me when I also see my kids excited about the gifts and things they do for each other. You and your husband are doing a great job at raising happy adults. Have a very Happy New Year.


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