🤎🧡❤️Love + Thankfulness for 2021❤️🧡🤎

The more I’ve been thinking and praying about this year, the more two themes have become clear: love and thankfulness.

Love really is the cure-all

Love and gingerbread houses !!!!

Love is this man and a red tree!!

No, but seriously, in thinking about raising these 3 kids in this scary and wonderful world:

1) I’m Thankful for God’s love

2) I’m wanting them to learn to love like Jesus does (Eph 5!)

3) I know Love can cover so much…

4) The attitude of thankfulness can change everything!

Praying for Wes, Wil, and Skye, that they will love God, SEE God’s love for them, and be thankful.

Ending with the same image as the beginning….please, Lord, help me to walk in love and thankfulness this year!

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