Kitchen Lighting and Art 💡🌺

Let’s take a journey through these pictures of my kitchen dining area:

First that’s the light fixture we’ve had for years (thanks, Dad!) we’ve loved it…but- you know I had to put my Christmas tree in that window this year. So we had to take down that light – it had a metal rod holding it up, and what I want is a flexible cord that I can cinch up at Christmas and have the light out of the way.

Second photo/ Skye’s holding up my new light fixture! Yay!

Third: I switched out the art and made this my flower art wall

And then added more plates to my plate wall. More is more, people!! 🤣

And finally you can see how we are eating supper these days: candle light! Until we get the new light fixture put in…which will be this week, hopefully.

I think lighting is the number one most important thing in my house to make it cozy and livable.

I’ll update you when it’s up!

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