Remembering 2020- August through December

Wes had a birthday in august – 19 on the 19th…getting ready to go back to school, then he’s gone!! A sophomore!! He loves it and we are so thankful he’s there in person! He’s up there in the purple leading his society.

Our sweet friends had a baby and my baby goes to high school! She has enjoyed her school so much, again thankful for these schools and the teachers who are doing double duty; teaching and doing all the other crazy stuff they have to for covid.

Wil starts his senior year!! He’s pretty much going to school and working full time..which I keep trying to figure out how that works?! He also grew out a beard for awhile which was cute.

I start my new life as a non-homeschool mom for the first time in 14 years. People keep asking me what I do with my spare time, but time is like an aquarium, it gets all filled up with more water from who knows where! I’m plenty busy and so thankful to be home to keep things running, to be here when my family needs me, and I get to do art on the side!

September was a pretty creative month! Lots of felting, visiting the shops, and a few art classes.

On the family front: visiting wes at school and enjoying our teenagers.

October!! Gorgeous fall weather and more time in the studio

Gigi–getting to visit Gigi for the last time 😢

Greenville- we’ve seen Wes every month so far …and enjoy seeing Dave’s parents too.

Trip to Charlotte and wil grad pics

Ok now I need to rush, this has been a lot of photos 🤣 I’ll try to be brief:

NOVEMBER! Stickers! Felting! Closet overhaul!

Camping…Sadie gets pajamas! Trip to Wilmington♥️

Thanksgiving with the Sabina’s, a day out for Lauren’s birthday, and ornaments of 2020!


The red tree, the white tree….

Fun and cozy times with family

Amazing music and services at church, plus our friends who have trusted Jesus as their Savior! That’s the best part!

Time with Wes = priceless…

And this fall we will have 2 kids off to college…how? What? When ?!

Fun games we got for Christmas and enjoyed as a family; Quip Lash is on the x box, so fun! Trekking the national parks is a great game, and jungle speed is hilarious and fast paced.

As we say goodbye to 2020 and move into our next year, here is an inspiring passage from Elisabeth Elliot’s book about Amy Carmichael

Thank you for making it through this extra long post! 😉 Praying you will have a wonderful year and grow even closer to Jesus.

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