Library Post No.Two

In my First (very nerdy) Post about library memories we took a journey from my early library memories up until we moved to our current location.

So we come to the Raleigh area where we live now. Our first library is the closest – the Clayton library is 10 minutes away. The kids grew up here, went to storytime, checked out so many books here….Big Nate books and Narnia books, Harry Potter and Mysterious Benedict Society, Calvin and Hobbes, The Cupcake Diaries (skye only 😉 )

We loved Mrs Mary and Mrs Caroline! Mrs Caroline told us about the Duke gardens, and Mrs Mary introduced us to a favorite bakery, La Bonita. They are a wealth of knowledge on all fronts! We felt a little guilty when we started branching out to other libraries! But we started to like the Smithfield library a lot.

Then we found out that we can join the Wake County library system for $25 a year. We found our two favorites: the Garner library – this is the one I go to consistently …it’s like a bookstore! They get so many new books in, it’s crazy!!! I come home with stacks of brand new cookbooks, home decor books, books from my favorite bloggers, brand new biographies, and recent novels.

If we really want to be fancy we go to the Cameron village library in Raleigh:

So many news books and great selection. Wil used to take cello lessons close to this library, so Skye and I would come and go to the Cameron village library and Fresh Market next door.

Recent library books

Past post about children’s books

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Past post about a book we got and inspiration in the kitchen

Past post about homeschooling and books

We have a lot of memories of when the kids were little, taking field trips to Raleigh…our favorites were when we would visit a library, museum, park, and then get a snack usually at the farmer’s market. When you combine nature with books and a good snack, that equals a great day!

So now there’s no doubt about my nerdiness! I would love to hear your favorite library memories!

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  1. MOM says:



  2. So cool. I miss our visits to the library. They only do drop offs and pick up now, we are not allowed in.


  3. Nancy says:

    Came over from my place, after reading your comment. So many great memories for myself and of my children. My childhood library felt like home and I was so sad when it was completely redone before I could have a last visit. I still can recall where the B is for Betsy books were kept, with their round-cornered pages, softened with time and love. My children had similar experiences and today three memories jump out. My daughter’s first story hour was in utero! And later, she would come to choose books by size at the start of each visit…finding the smallest books spoke to her the loudest. My son went through a huge Matt Christopher books, starting with every baseball story and going from there 🙂

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    1. saramincy says:

      Ahhhhh the Betsy books! My kids and I LOVED them…such good memories! I love thinking about a little girl picking little books. 😊I am so thankful my mom started me off right at the library and reading to me everyday… I passed that on to my kids and trust they’ll do the same ♥️♥️♥️


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