steps to getting a good enough family photo 🤓🤣

Set it up, practice with the timer, because you know once everyone gets there you’ll have about 1 minute of their attention!

Gather as many of the family members as possible and put them in place…

Do a head count…everyone is here, plus the dog. Wake up people, if necessary…

Just dive in and take a few pictures, maybe take the dog out of the equation if she’s distracting …

Try and fit all faces in the frame…

Clap your hands and congratulate everyone for their presence and smiles!!

Love these faces! Thank You, God, for these people. ♥️🧡❤️

I wish I’d have taken a picture of my set up: the ottoman, plus a stool on top, plus my gravy boat which holds the phone, which takes the picture! 🤓

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