Dave’s big day: Sullivan’s + Carrot Cake= happy husband

His day started with me making his absolute favorite carrot cake recipe …he has requested this cake for years now, it’s the best. Our dear friend, Charlotte, made this for her husband to take on a men’s retreat….and the rest is history. I got the recipe and treasure it. It’s originally from Southern Living. See recipe Here. I’ve never cared much for carrot cake, but this one is so moist and flavorful.

Presents from Skye …these kids spoil us!!

Getting ready for our hot date!

We had a gift card for Sullivan’s, which we love. It’s so cozy and classy in there.

They took a picture for us and gave Dave a card for his birthday 🙂

More sweet presents from this dear guy!

And Wes FaceTimed with his Dad and had a gift sent from Amazon too.

I know Dave felt very loved. I always tell his Mom and Dad thank you for giving birth to this fabulous human!!

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