new kitchenaid mixer in feather pink !!!💕🌸 the cabbage patch kid of Christmas 2020

I started looking for a kitchenaid mixer back in November. THERE WERE NO KITCHENAID MIXERS TO BE FOUND!

There were none online, all were out of stock, there were none in stores.

Okay, so you could find one here or there but the prices were so inflated because of demand. I wasn’t going to pay $600!

Dave and I decided this was going to be my Christmas present, so we kept looking all through December whenever we thought about it.

I thought it would be nice to get orange, green, pink, or….

The copper one was so pretty! I saw one of those for $700!!

But…just last week we found one online at a good price and a good color:

Feather Pink!!!

Right now she is living on the kitchen counter so I can see her pretty color all day!

What was funny is that I had been making cookies and then icing for a few days for a cookie decorating party with friends. And as soon as I finished all the mixing and baking….then the kitchenaid mixer arrives!! HAHA!!

But never fear, about an hour after it arrived, skye decided she needed chocolate chip cookies and gave her the inaugural mix!!

Then the next day I had a friend who was learning to bake a cake, and we used it again! I’m so thankful and excited! This tool will be greatly used…and appreciated!

(About the title in case you are too young to know, when I was in the 4th grade, 1984, I wanted a cabbage patch kid (toy doll) so desperately like every other 4th grade girl …and some boys too….in North America! I didn’t think I’d get one for Christmas, but I did, even tho they were hard to find. Best present ever! Thank you, Dad and Mom!)

My twin dolls, Nathan and Emily, look a lot like this photo I found on google…my twins are in the attic waiting patiently for my grandkids ! 🤣🤣

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  1. MOM says:

    “The most ugly dolls in the world,” as Dad just said! I’m SO glad they are still there. I was afraid you had tossed them out, with all the outfits I made to match outfits I made for you.
    And as far as the KA, I don’t know what ever made you change your mind and want one. I’ve been talking that up for a long time. I know you will LOVE it, looks like you already do. My friend, Janet, watches the food channel and says they dump everything in together at the same time in the KA.

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    1. saramincy says:

      Of course I kept the cabbage patch kids!! And about the mixer, I’ve just always had other things I wanted to spend the money on. I finally got to the point where i thought it would be worth it!


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