Wil’s Birthday! Happy 18th!🎈

The birthday celebrations started on Saturday night with our friend Sheeza who has a birthday today (2days after Wil)

Then he opened presents…he also got a pour over coffee maker in the mail from Wes♥️

We planned a surprise party for him on Sunday. his friends, Skye, and I got to the outback right after church, then Dave brought Wil and we yelled, “surprise!!! Happy birthday!” And sang to him. It was so fun! He loves the outback, so he enjoyed the food too!

Time is flying by too fast!!! Next year at this time he’ll be at college (Lord willing)!!

Then last night I made shrimp and grits..his favorite! We use Bobby Flay’s recipe…which is the ultimate comfort food. And ginger beer (it’s non alcoholic) which is like gingerale, but really gingery…and pie! Cherry pie and the little one is peach-plum…which was ok, but I think would be really good if the fruit was in season. Poor guy! His birthday is in the winter and he loves all the summer fruit.

Happy birthday, Wil!! We love you so much and excited to see the plans God will unfold for your life. We are so thankful for your heart for God and others. ♥️🧡💖💙

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  1. Brittany says:

    Ohhh to be 18! HA. What a fun celebration, happy birthday to Wil :)!

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    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you, Brittany, for the sweet wishes!❤️

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