Tour of Sara’s Art House Corporate Offices

Welcome and come in. Today is a “work” day, otherwise known as Art day for the employee(s) of Sara’s Art House. 

Here we have an overview of the offices…there is the distribution center, the painting centers, the felting office, the storage facilities, the mailing office, and maintenance area.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we??

The acrylic office takes care of all the wooden, clay, and canvas painting needs. This office makes the most mess and the operators need to wear preapproved smocks or painting clothes.

The watercolor station is the most serene and idyllic, although the felting personnel argues that their area is even more relaxing and rejuvenating. The watercolor station is currently working on greeting cards. 

felting area

The felting area boasts comfy couches and blankets. This space screams cozy and creative.

The ping pong table comes in handy when we have a lot of merchandise to prepare. This section is mainly used for the cleaning and preparation of frames and glass.

Merchandise pricing and prep happens over here, if you look closely, there is another business that “borrows” room from the Sara’s Art House Corp. That other business specializes in music. They are allowed the corner area to house their instrument and excess sheet music.

No, I’m not sure that they do pay us rent. For some reason I feel like maybe our corporation has been taking over space that originally had belonged to them. We have a friendly relationship, and seem to work well together.

The storage facility houses various supplies and works overtime to organize the tools necessary for the many artistic endeavors of Sara’s Art House. 

The sticker department is new this year. We are still trying to figure out supply and demand. This department has been working on new designs and is excited about different marketing possibilities.

The tiny canvas and easel portion of our business is very small still, but has big plans to grow, especially during the Christmas season where there may be ornament possibilities.

Oh! You’re in luck! Here is our very own office manager now.

She has been here for 12 years now and whenever the office is open she can be seen roaming around each department, sniffing out any new developments, and lounging in the felting area.

Our mailing department may look unorganized, but there is a huge supply of packing materials that we keep on hand just in case we may need it. Although, with all those supplies, there never seems to be any packing tape or scissors, no matter how much we have bought. 

The new spring lines seem to sport a lot of pinks and florals. We are excited about this new season and look forward to a lot of fun work coming out of these offices.

I’m sorry to say that we did not get photos of the employees as they were all busy photographing the studio as well as writing the content of this article. We hope to meet them soon and pick their brains on the business behind the brand.

Thank you for coming along on this tour. We hope you have been inspired and also surprised at the magnitude of this operation…


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  1. I LOVE this post! It is brilliant!😆 Your office manager is very stylish! Your corporate office will be the envy of all crafters (I envy the wonderful, spacious areas and your amazing creativity with your art)! Keep on making beautiful art for your adoring customers!❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you, Aunt Cilla!!!! Yes, the office manager is such a sweetie 🤣🤣


  2. I want to hang out in your office studio. Who wouldn’t love an office manager like the one you have. So adorable. Your art is so pretty too. Love all the colors.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. saramincy says:

    Thank you for your sweet encouragement!


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