KitchenAid Mixer Update

I absolutely love my mixer!! We’ve used it a lot already- how did I get along without it for my whole life?

My favorite is mixing egg white for meringue cookies:

One of our most favorite cookies. We use this recipe but rarely use the chocolate chips or drizzle. Just vanilla meringues. It was so magical with the mixer!!

Then I thought I would make a lemon soufflé. I’ve never made a soufflé before, but it sounded so good and it mixed up like a dream with my feather pink kitchenaid mixer:

I took lots of pictures because I thought this would be a favorite…

It was ok, but I would not make this recipe again. It was eggy-er than I thought it would be. We haven’t even eaten the leftovers yet…(it may be because you are supposed to use a soufflé pan and I don’t have a soufflé pan or know what one is 😉 )

But! I’m so thankful for my mixer and can’t imagine life without it!

P.S. enjoying God’s beautiful artistry with this gorgeous ombré strawberry.♥️🍓

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