plant🌿carrots🥕permit, and curry for your Friday

I got a plant! This is such a pretty plant. I hate to see it die! It will eventually die in my house

Sadie likes my plant…maybe if we talk to it..

Carrots! We are getting spring fever here…plants and carrots…

Painting too

She got her permit! Yay!! Good work, Skye.

New recipe/trick. This yellow curry sauce from Trader Joe’s, plus cream of coconut is so good with rice and stir fry veggies. I’ve never tried the coconut cream before. I put a little in with the rice too when we cooked it in the instapot and it was delicious.

Happy Friday!! We’re getting a tub delivered, the bathroom project starts next week- so excited!

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  1. So fun reading and looking through your posts. Like visiting an art museum. I miss my art museums.

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