bathroom remodel updates

Here’s what I ordered so far (top photo) the green shower curtain and 2 art pieces for the wall. The tile is getting installed as we speak, and the floor is done. My plans: paint the vanity green and add black hardware.

Here’s the floor! So pretty ( we had leftover from upstairs). And the new tub is in. 

Last three pictures are reminders of the BEFORE

And here we are in the tile! So shiny and CLEAN! This bathroom is going to be so fun because it’s basically a blank slate; neutral colors…so I can change the whole feel of the room by changing the shower curtain, art, and towels. I just have to convince Dave that in the long run we will save money by not having to redo the bathroom, we just have to switch up accessories which are much cheaper! 🤣🤣 
I’ll keep you updated! The tile should be done by the end of this week. I’m excited to pick out towels and a rug.


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