Snapshots of everyday Life

Progress on the bathroom!

Painting and watching Design Star next generation (Arianna was my favorite!!)

I help Skye flat iron her hair some days before school and I know I’m going to miss that!!!

Still loving the One Year Bible! Luke 6:27-38 BLEW me away yesterday!

Figuring out art for the bathroom…

Cleaning brushes…

Some show on HGTV (discovery +….which is my dream come true- all I want is hgtv and food network and magnolia anyway!)…I adore this wallpaper on the screen!

The hub of the home, the fridge and my calendar…we would be LOST without the calendar. It’s also accountability…I get to color the square orange if Intermittent fasting happened that day, and put a checkmark for exercise.

This is where I am a lot of the time; doing dishes and preparing food

Another hub: library books go here, jackets, purses (how is it all my junk all over the house?)

Folding laundry time!

My spot!

But also my spot…I sit here to write shopping lists, pack stuff to mail, blog…

Letting Sadie in and out a hundred times a day 🙂

Laundry room!!! (This is exciting content for sure! But it’s the little things that make a life, right 😉

Washing dishes and hands….

Pantry and Sadie’s buffet line 🙂

All this activity has us worn out!

Bathroom planning: rug, shower curtain, and art….can’t wait!!! I am going to want to live in there ….

Have a great day wherever you are ❤️🧡♥️

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